Pain Relief

Pain Relief

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Pain Relief medications are the drugs used to relieve discomfort associated with injury, surgery, or disease. As the pain process is complex, there are different types of pain drugs that provide relief from pain acting through various physiological mechanisms. Although, effective medication for nerve pain will have another means of action rather than arthritis pain medication.

It is not surprising that pain medications (also known as analgesics) are among the most commonly used medicines. Different drugs are used to treat pain depending on the type of pain. Pain Relief medications can be widely classified into two categories- prescription and non-prescription. The prescription pain medications against pain are extensive, and it includes some NSAIDs more potent than their over-the-counter counterparts and opioid analgesics. And some unconventional analgesics drugs were not developed as pain-relievers originally but were found to have pain-relieving properties in specific conditions.

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