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A tablet is a solid pharmaceutical unit dosage form or oral dosage form. It may be defined as the solid unit dosage form of medicaments with suitable excipients. The tablets comprise a mixture of active substances, usually in powder form, compacted or pressed from a powder into a solid dose. Medicinal tablets are made of whatever color their components determined, in a disk shape, but are now made in many colors and shapes. Tablets are often stamped with letters, numbers, and symbols, which enable the tablets to be identified.

Tablets are convenient and very simple to use, and they provide an accurately measured dose of the active ingredient in an appropriate portable package. And it can be designed to protect disguise unpalatable ingredients or unstable medications. Colored coatings, printing, and embossed markings can be used to aid tablet recognition. The manufacturing process and techniques can provide tablets with some unique properties, for example, fast-dissolving formulations or sustained release.

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