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Ceclor 500mg

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Ceclor is a cephalosporin-type antibiotic type of medication that can treat a variety of bacterial infections in the middle ear, skin, urine, and respiratory tract infections. It stops the growth of bacteria. It, like other antibiotics, doesn't work on the common cold, flu, or other viral infections. If you keep on consuming these antibiotics can even lead to reduce the effectiveness of the ceclor. This is an antibiotic type of medication which you can buy Ceclor without prescription. The color of this drug powder is white and is in a dry powder state.

Interactions of Ceclor With Other Drugs

  • While taking Ceclor medication, you have to make sure that your prescription can have some severe results when taken with BCG vaccine, cholera vaccine, pretomanid, or typhoid vaccine.
  • If you are already taking this drug, you have to closely monitor the results if you are already taking mestranol, warfarin, or other medicines.

Indications to Consume Ceclor

  • You can buy the Ceclor online when you find some lower respiratory tract infections caused by pneumonia.
  • For urinal tract infections as well, you can use it.
  • It can also help the skin and skin structure caused due to Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes.

Dosage of Ceclor

Depending on your age, the dosage of the medication changes. For adults, you can take 250mg every 8 hours. For some pediatric patients, you can take 25 mg every 8 hours, and also, you can mix it with water to add some other solution as well.

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