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Daidzein Tablets

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The Daidzein has structurally belonged to a group of compounds known as isoflavones. It is a naturally occurred compound found exclusively in soybeans and other legumes. Daidzein and other isoflavones are basically produced in plants through the phenylpropanoid pathway of secondary metabolism. Daidzein Tablets are used as the signal carriers and defense responses to pathogenic attacks. Daidzein can be used as the medicine for menopausal relief, blood cholesterol, osteoporosis and lowers the risk of some hormone-related cancers and heart disease. And you know the best? You can buy Daidzein Tablets without a prescription at this online medical store.

Benefits of Daidzein Tablets

Daidzein is used to prepare material for administration to decrease LDL-cholesterol levels and increase HDL-cholesterol concentration in the blood. It helps to lower the risk of atherosclerosis and vascular disease. The material is administered in the pharmaceutical composition or the dietary supplement, including soy protein-based nutritional supplements.

How to Use Daidzein Tablets

A supplement of at least 50 mg of Daidzein (a soy isoflavone) every day is suggested for postmenopausal women's hot flashes. It should be taken 40 mg of Daidzein a day for six weeks to treat IBS. Moreover, a supplement of 80 mg dosage of Daidzein is used daily for reduced bone loss in postmenopausal women For protection against osteoporosis. It would be ok to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking Daidzein or any other herbal or nutritional supplement.

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