Latisse (Careprost)

Latisse (Careprost)

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How to Purchase Latisse (Careprost) Online

Latisse (Careprost) is an eye drop used to treat high pressure and glaucoma in the eye of adults. High pressure in the eye can damage vision, and consequently leading to blindness. This medication lets fluid flow inside your eye into the blood. Careprost belongs to a group of drugs called prostaglandin analog. If you’re also the one who is suffering from an eyesight problem and doesn’t have a longer or darker eyelash, then once consider buying Latisse (Careprost) online.


  • Careprost is used to lessen pressure in your eyes (ocular hypertension) that may lead to glaucoma (an illness).
  • An eye drop works by growing the outflow of aqueous humor, thus lowering the increased eye pressure.
  • It is a treatment for hypotrichosis used to make eyelashes longer and darker.
  • Careprost helps lower high pressure in the eye and lessens the menace of vision loss.

How To Take

Do not buy Latisse (Careprost) without the prescription of a doctor or pharmacist because each person has a different response to the treatment, medical state, and age as well. If you want to get the best outcome, apply a drop once a day in the night or evening in the affected eye. Immediately apply pressure on the edges of the eye for about 1 minute (after instilling the drop). Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before putting the next drop in the same eye to evade dilution. This eye drop is only for external use. Read the instruction label before use.

Where To Buy

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