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Yodi pills are used to treat allergic reactions like asthma, temperate to severe allergic skin reactions, respiratory disorders, intestinal disorders, inflammatory disorders, and stomach disorders. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called Glucocorticoids. Apart from this, these pills have other uses. This is a prescribed medicine.


  • These pills are used to heal hormone secretion disorders involving reduced hormone production in the high blood calcium connected with cancer, adrenal glands, and thyroid gland infection.
  • Yodi pills work by suppressing the immune system and hence decrease inflammation. The pills are used to diagnose an elevated function of the bacterial, roundworm, and adrenal cortex infection.
  • The pills induce extra production of urine, which contains high-level protein. These are used for the short-term treatment of different kinds of arthritis with other pills.

How to Take

Read the directions carefully on the product label, medicine guide, or patient guide provided by the pharmacist, Medicine Company, or a doctor before beginning to intake yodi pills. If you have any queries related to yodi pills, ask your pharmacist or doctor. Do not buy yodi pills without the prescription of a doctor. This pill may be taken with food. Sometimes, it can make the stomach upset; therefore, it is suggested to take it with milk or food. Typically, a dose of this medication is 30 mg for a week followed by around 4-12mg/day for 1 month or 3.3 mg/ml for injection.

Where to Buy

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